Toby was by far the best commercial class I’ve taken. His approach was friendly and real which instantly made me feel at ease.
— Jamie A.
Toby! I just booked my first commercial since doing your seminar. (Major car spot, National Network) I am very clear that what I learned from you that weekend played a HUGE part in getting me cast. Every commercial actor needs to take your class.
— David H.
I loved how positive and encouraging he is. It’s especially really great for those starting out to really know what the process is like. Plus, he has so much insight as a session director. It’s great to hear his stories.
— Ana L.
I loved working with Toby and I would again. I really feel excited for upcoming commercial opportunities. Probably for the first time in my life. Toby just gets it. He’s not that stereotypical bitter bearded camera op. Yes, he is bearded, but he is so full of positivity and in touch with both the business and the craft. I can’t say enough good things about his seminar.
— Jonathan B.
Toby was able to pin point and effectively communicate my flaws and needed improvements like no other teacher I’ve ever worked with! It was amazing and gloriously eye opening. I could not be more grateful. Im so excited to use what Toby taught me and to work/practice, audition, and hopefully book!
— Elisabeth H.
I JUST took Toby’s CB seminar this past weekend: I went straight to CB yesterday and now I am on Avail. The skills you acquire in the Seminar are immediately applicable and the results are.....OBVIOUS! I loved the fun, supportive, and professional environment. Plus, Toby sends you a link to your sessions so you could see how I translate on camera and track my growth. This class is a MUST, even for the seasoned Professional. I love the approach and it is So affordable. TAKE A CLASS with this talented man! You won’t regret it.
— Tracy W.
Toby has a knack for identifying each persons strength and bringing those out
— Jen M.
I really liked how supportive Toby is and how he is interested in finding what is weak about my callbacks and improving that to get me the best chance to book the job.
— Houston G.
I loved working with Toby. His calm no-nonsense approach is realistic and supportive.
— Tracy W.
This is s a great class because Toby’s POV is a real resource. Toby is a session runner for most of the premiere CD’s of LA. I found his knowledge backed by first hand experience with Actors who get Call Backs and Book.
— Eric S.
I love that Toby was generous with his time. I didn’t feel rushed. I felt like he was happy to share tips to help us succeed.
— Elena S.
The atmosphere was so professional and supportive. He was attentive to everyone’s questions, and stayed focused, fun, and relaxed. The handouts are my new bible, and I felt he gave everyone there his complete attention, energy, enthusiasm, experience and ideas. Great, great class. I will definitely recommend it to my friends, heck, I think I just might make it a regular tune up for myself!!!
— Wendy C.
Toby is fun and easy to work with. He wants you to do your best work, and is really pulling for you. His classes went by fast because we were learning so much, getting up 2-3 times each session, and we had fun while learning a lot about the process. He really broke down what goes on behind the scenes at callbacks, and that was extremely helpful.
— Naomi C.
Toby is easy going and that makes you as the actor relaxed and ready to receive, build your confidence and learn.
— James J.
I love that Toby is down to earth and real! He separates the unknown myths about the casting world and assumptions we go into the room with. He helps establish a solid confidence and control over you and your work.
— Rome G.
I like Toby’s warmth, I trust him, he’s honest, funny, encouraging, to-the-point, efficient, and pro-active. I like that he’s experienced both sides of casting. He shares his personal stories at the perfect times, when they illustrate a point like nothing else could, but he also lets us use most of the time practicing and observing. I like the surprises built into the class and that it’s set up like an audition. I like the papers he gives out and that he cares about us learning, while simultaneously trying to better his teaching.
— Ruth G.
Toby is very down-to-Earth and realistic about the entire commercial process. He really helped me put everything into perspective and focus on the aspects that I can control. His easy and approachable attitude demystifies the audition process and makes it more manageable overall.
— Amy S.
Toby has a wonderful way of relieving the pressure we all put on ourselves in audition situations. Using his tools, I can rely on a proven process instead of second-guessing.
— Cecily G.
Toby has a take on commercial casting that is current and relevant. He cuts to the chase and provides a safe place to receive a “check-in”. Am I doing the best I can to book? What do I need to do to adjust? Throughout the process what can I control and what should I forget about? His technique, direction and notes are spot on.
— David H.
Loved working with him. He was very direct and treated me how I would in a session, as oppose to other coaches who baby the student a bit. I believe even from that one session I could audition better commercially!
— Hilary C.
Working with Toby was great because he knows his stuff, is informative, and creates a safe environment for actors to play, and learn. I loved the class.
— Naomi C.
Direct notes. Some classes shy away from that. Cutting to the chase with notes that you could trust and tell they were not like some insane acting teacher’s crazy notes. That’s pretty unique. Also, this may sound weird, but I gained some understanding how casting session runners’ communicate. They have so little time, there’s kind of shorthand, key phrases they use, it’s helpful to listen to you, and have you also elaborate in the seminar so now I kind of have a better or at least faster understanding of what the session runners are asking.
— Andrew B.