Pre-Life, Bits & Buttons: Commercial Improv

Pre-Life, Bits & Buttons: Commercial Improv

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Improv is THE most requested skill set directors and agency when looking for actors for commercials.  Knowing how to showcase you ability to improvise in the commercial world in the audition room is very often the difference between who books and who doesn't.  Knowing what, how and when to improvise is the key to being good at it.  This 1 Day intensive is co-taught by Second City instructors and busy commercial actors Rob Belushi and Tim Stoltenberg.



  • THE WHAT: Most improvisers are trained to do 30 minutes unscripted in a theater - commercials are 30 seconds on camera - scripted.  This intensive will give you a clear understanding of what we mean when we say "make it your own", "play with it" and "improvise". 
  • THE HOW:  Improvising well at an audition is almost always the difference maker between booking and not.  You'll walk away with a comprehensive breakdown of not only HOW to improvise for commercials, but HOW it's done well.  
  • THE WHEN:  You'll leave knowing exactly when to use it and for how long.  Understanding the importance of timing and when NOT to use it can be just as important as knowing the right time TO use it.
  • REPEATED WORK WITH CURRENT COPY:   a You will have repeated opportunities to improvise with current commercial copy - finding the best way to make it your own.
  • PROGRESS:  Working with our guidance in an actual casting studio with real commercial copy you'll receive a link identical to those we send to the director and agency creatives to watch your progress.
  • PERSONAL ATTENTION:  We have three teachers so that everyone gets a lot of attention.  Each teacher brings something different and we'll be breaking into alternate groups so everyone gets a piece.