commercial classes


online course

Pulling from over 20 years of experience, this 30+ video course, with over 6+ hours of training is the foundation of Toby’s teaching, and it's on demand so you can watch whenever you want.

By demystifying the commercial casting process, our signature online program “Commercial Momentum” is designed to transform you into a prepared, confident, and consistently booking commercial actor.

The training covers all aspects of commercial technique needed to book — you don’t just discover what to do, but how to do it.

Whether you’re just getting started, or are auditioning today, this program is for you.


first call intensive

The First Call Intensive takes place in Hollywood at Silver Layne Studios on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM. You will be working and getting on tape multiple times every class, getting individual feedback and you'll receive a downloadable link of your auditions where you can see how you progressed.

The Weekend First Call Intensive is ideal for commercial actors looking to master the first call and generate more callbacks . Taking the in-studio First Call Intensive is the best way to become comfortable auditioning commercials and putting yourself in a position to book. Over the course of the weekend Toby will demystify the commercial audition experience and give you a comprehensive overview of what takes place and how to master the little things we have control of.

Upcoming Weekend Intensives: September 14 & 15, October 19 & 20, December 7 & 8


callback intensive

The Weekend Callback Intensive is held at Silver Layne Studios in Hollywood on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00AM - 5:00 PM. You will be working and getting on tape multiple times both days and will end with a downloadable link of your auditions where you can see how you progressed. In addition to that I will create a link of your final auditions available to casting directors so they can see just how great you are.

The Weekend Callback Intensive is best for actors with agents who feel are getting commercial callbacks but feel like they can't be their best selves for the callback.

Upcoming Intensives: September 21 & 22, November 23 & 24


improv intensive

Improv is THE most requested skill set directors and agency looking for in commercial actors. Knowing how to showcase your ability to improvise in the commercial world in the audition room is very often the difference between who books and who doesn't. Knowing what, how, and when to improvise is the key to being good at it. This 1 Day intensive is co-taught by Second City instructors and busy commercial actors Rob Belushi and Tim Stoltenberg.

Upcoming Intensives: September 7 10AM-5PM