I decided to start working with commercial actors at the urging of a few of the top commercial casting directors in Los Angeles.  They felt that actors could really benefit if I could communicate to them what I've learned about the commercial casting process and how it's changed in the last few years from working behind and in front of the camera. 

I began my career in the entertainment industry as a child actor, earning my SAG & AFTRA cards working on television, films and commercials in the early 90's.  I continued working professionally with a focus on improvisational comedy through high school and college.

After graduating I moved to New York where I continued study and work as a professional actor and was hired as a specialist to teach acting and improvisation in both charter schools and in the most high needs public high schools in the five New York boroughs, where I developed the curriculum for theater and improvisational-based educational programs.

Since moving to Los Angeles seven years ago, I have been working in commercial production and casting running thousands of sessions and working with the most awarded directors and producers.   Additionally, I continue perform and coach improvisational theater.

In my daily work as a session director I'm collaborating with the top commercial casting directors, directors and actors in Los Angeles.  It's great because I get the opportunity to help actors book work.  It's hard because I can tell you that almost 70% of actors who I see that aren't booking regularly don't know which skills they need to use to book the job.  As an actor who used to go on those auditions, this is particularly difficult.  

My experience behind the camera, collaborating with directors to get what they need out of actors has taught me a lot about the subtleties of the commercial casting world, and a lot about the qualities that separate the actors that are booking regularly from those who are not.