Q: I'm not sure which to take, the seminar or a coaching session?

A: Depends on what you're looking for.  A one hour coaching session is really just an assessment - where are you and what to work on.  I always suggest that you start with the Foundation Seminar.  It's the most comprehensive over view of the commercial casting process you could have, in an actual casting facility.  Coaching is great if you've taken the seminar and need a refresher or if you've worked in commercials before and are new to town.  

A: No.  Each phase of the audition process is different.  Toby teaches to the situation and obstacles that are specific for each phase.  The First Call focuses on creating consistency at the first audition to generate more callbacks.  The Callback’s focus is on how we seal the deal at the last stage when the stakes are highest.  The Improv Intensive is a detailed bootcamp addressing how to use improv in the commercial audition room.

Q: I notice you have a First Call, CB and Improv Intensive.  Is that like beginner, intermediate and advanced?

Q: Which casting studio do you teach out of?

A:  We work out of a great casting facility, Silver Layne Studios in Hollywood.  Silver Layne is used every day to cast many of the top commercials in Los Angeles.  It's fully up-to-date with all the current casting software and equipment, which I utilize in my sessions.  You can find the address on the contact page by following the link at the bottom of your screen.

Q: I scheduled a coaching session with Toby but something came up and I need to cancel last minute.

A:  No problem.  With a coaching sessions  you have a 12 hour no charge cancellation policy.  If something comes up for you, a last minute audition or callback, rehearsal change, doctors appoint, dog is sick, whatever, we understand.  It's the nature of the business in Los Angeles.  However if there is a cancellation after 12 hours I generally charge %50 cancellation fee. 


Q:  Is the First Call Intensive for beginners only?

A:  No.  The First Call Intensive is all about mastering the first call (first audition) so you can can get more callbacks and bookings.  We’ve had regularly booking actors to people who are just coming back in the fold really benefit from this.  If you feel like you can be getting more callbacks than you are currently getting, this is a great workshop for you.

Q:  Is the Callback Intensive only for advanced?


Q: Do I need to have an agent to participate in the CB Intensive?

Q: What's your cancellation policy?

A: Sort of.  The Callback Intensive is all about the Callback.  Who’s-Who in the room, how to interact with the director, how to manage your nerves with people in the room and being so close to the money.  This is great if you are getting callbacks and/or avails but cannot turn them into bookings.

A: Yes, you need a commercial agent.


A:  To be eligible for a refund, you must cancel by sending an email to toby@lawlesscastingseminars.com 1 week (Saturday 11 AM) in advance of the start of first class.  Any refund or class credit for a cancellation beyond 1 week will be at Toby’s discretion.