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By demystifying the commercial casting process, our signature online course “Commercial Momentum” is designed to transform you into a prepared, confident, and consistently booking commercial actor.

Pulling from over 20 years of experience, this 30+ video course, with over 6+ hours of training is the foundation of Toby’s teaching, and it's on demand so you can watch whenever you want.

The course covers all aspects of commercial technique needed to book — you don’t just discover what to do, but how to do it.

Whether you’re just getting started, or are auditioning today, this program is for you. 


  • MODULE 1 - Welcome: You’ll discover how a commercial is created, who the players are, and what an actors role in the entire process is. This is one of the first things a commercial actor can learn, that can positively impact their bookings.

  • MODULE 2 - Prepare For Success: In this module you will learn all about who the booking actor is and how preparation is what separates consistently booking actors from everyone else.

  • MODULE 3 - The Audition: Actors will receive a clear understanding of what is expected of them once the camera starts to role, what happens when they make mistakes, the value of recovering and why trusting their preparation, letting go, just having fun and playing is so important.

  • MODULE 4 - Personality Interviews & M.O.S. Auditions: Now it’s time for a deep dive into the different types of commercials and the skill sets needed to book them. This module will address the commercial auditions with no scripted dialogue and M.O.S. auditions.

  • MODULE 5 - Dialogue Auditions: Actors will learn how to identify the different ‘to-camera’ scripted commercials, and what skillsets are needed to achieve the three core tenants of success when playing either a spokesperson, or speaking directly to the viewers at home.

  • MODULE 6 - Callbacks, Avails, & Bookings: Actors will receive a clear understanding of their role in the callback process - what they control and what they don’t. Will review the who’s-who and explore the best practices for success.

  • MODULE 7 - Taking Action: At this point in the training, actors will have a very clear understanding of how to achieve success in the audition room. Now we’re going to talk about the things that you can do to increase your opportunities and get into the room more often.


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