2 - YOU ARE ENOUGH: Commercial Director Director Pam Thomas



If you believe that commercials can be beautiful, inspiring little films that challenge us to be better while simultaneously make meaningful statements about important issues then Pam Thomas is the director for you.  She's known for her spots like Pantene's "Sorry Not Sorry" and Verizon's "Inspire Her Mind" that not only challenge gender stereotypes but present positive solutions.

 Pam began her career at MTV, back when it was cool, in the late 1980s, writing and directing promos in the On-Air Promotions Department. Pam has worked with dozens of brands and agencies to produce a huge body of work, including spots for GatoradeNikeVisaAMEXLexus and Wal-MartCotton featuring celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel, Kate Bosworth, and Emmy Rossum.   

I've worked with Pam both behind and in front of the camera for a number of years.  This conversation is rich in talking about how to present your best self in the room and maximize your relationship with the director. We cover:


PAM THOMAS REEL: http://www.communityfilms.com/directors/pam-thomas/commercials/