4 - GRATITUDE FOR OPPORTUNITY: Commercial Actor Leonard Jackson


If you've ever watched TV, you've seen this guy.  Why? He's a booker! If any body knows what it takes to be a CONSISTENTLY booking commercial actor Leonard Jackson does. He is one of the guys who are constantly getting called in, constantly getting called back and consistently booking.  WHAT IS HIS SECRET?? In this conversation, we dive into what that secret is.

We cover:

- How enjoying auditions delivers results

- Gratitude for opportunity

- A terrible Starbucks re-inactment

- How introducing yourself to Sam Jackson can help your slate

Leonard also has an amazing program to help actors get moving in the industry. You can find that program here:


A little about Leonard:

Leonard Jackson was born in Hollywood, CA ready for the big screen. He started his career with a recurring role on "In the Heat of the Night" and has since starred in several films including: "Love and War II", "Young Hollywood", "Snow Job", "Bug Night", "The Pact", Just Another Day in the Neighborhood and P.O.V: The Camera's Eye. He has made many Television appearances on "In the House", Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, and several others. He is now performing live stand up comedy at many LA clubs around and is negotiating several new projects.