CONSISTENCY IS KEY: The Business & Spirit of Commercial Acting with Brian Patacca


In this episode I sit down with creative coach Brian Patacca to discuss the business, marketing and spirituality of commercial acting. Yes, I said it! Brian is such a big spirit that I’ve known and worked with for YEARS. He has helped guide so many actors through the craziness of this business as the Founder of Actor Salon and this conversation was a beauty. We met on a rainy day in LA to chat about how booking actors run their business effectively, the best way to market - yes we talk about post cards and how this craft is a CALLING! He is an enthusiastic, empathetic, authentic and spiritual guide for a career that needs all of those things - when I worked with him he never let me get away with anything without calling me out in his loving way and holding me ACCOUNTABLE. And THAT is a gift that many actors should seek out. Accountability. In this we cover:

  • How his most booking actors create a habit of CONSISTENCY

  • A GREAT exercise to help define your commercial look.

  • How to use CURIOSITY as key to network effectively

  • How being on this planet to GIVE not GET helps your career

  • A simple trick to get you out of your head before an audition

  • To postcard - or NOT - to postcard

  • How to set resonant career goals that you will achieve

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Here’s a little more about Brian:

With natural candor and an education from Northwestern University, Brian arrived in New York City and quickly climbed the ladder as an advertising executive promoting Broadway shows - giving him an expert’s insight into marketing and its role in an actors career - something I’m constantly asked and always looking to learn more about. During his  time in New York, his path of career coaching was revealed. In 2001, he started Actor Salon, an accountability group and creative community for actors. Actor Salon has grown to include weekly in-person and virtual meetings in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, providing a community built on supportive group coaching and accountability that empowers creative individuals to get results.

Brian is a Spiritual Practitioner in the tradition of A Course in Miracles and will be recognized by the state of California as a Reverend by the fall of next year. He credits the work of Brene Brown, Anne Lamott, Pema Chondron, and Elizabeth Gilbert as foundations to his outlook on the world. Notably, he coached two young actresses on MTV’s Emmy Award-winning show “Made” in 2012, and has been a contributing expert for Backstage Magazine for over a decade. He has completed CTI’s Co-Active Coach Training Program and Marianne Willamson’s Teaching the Teachers training.

Now based in Los Angeles, Brian coaches all types of creative clients (not just actors!) and in Actor Salon, as well as nationwide in his brand new web course, Your Audition Magnet. He travels as an educator and speaker and continues to connect with clients who thrive at the intersection of art and commerce.

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If you listened to my podcast with Mick Dowd you know Reel’s aren’t absolutely necessary - and Brian doubles down. If you’re gonna do them, make sure you do them VERY well. Below are some of his suggestions.

*NOTE: Brian listed these to me with the caveat that I make VERY clear these are a few options he’s seen work but the result was reflective of the detail and hard work his clients put into their preparation: