what i’m all About

I believe that we learn through experience. By getting on our feet, working, and working again. I’ve been a working commercial actor for over 2 decades. I’ve been in the room for commercial casting nearly every day for the past 10 years. I’m a certified teacher. I’ve spent a lot of time seeing who books, why, what works and what doesn’t. My job is to create a playful and challenging environment where I give actors direct, practical and individual feedback to improve their skillset and help them book more. This doesn’t have to be painful. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a challenge.


Upcoming Events



first call INTENSIVE

The First Call Intensive is a 2-day intensive that is a skill-set focused on-camera workshop that aims to develop and define an individual approach to commercial auditions that creates consistent excellence that will have you generate more callbacks and bookings.


callback intensive

The Callback Intensive is a 2-day intensive that focuses on giving an actors an edge in the callback room through a comprehensive understanding of who the deciders are, how their process works, and developing a consistent approach that to have you prepared and confident for the unique obstacles that Callbacks provide. You’ll walk out feeling much more confident about how callbacks work and what you specifically need to do to be at your best and book more.


1-1 coaching

Privates are a 1 1/2 hour on-camera session in the studio with a focus on a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and areas of growth across the different skillsets needed for commercial acting.